April 15 2017 0Comment

Outsourcing Engineering Solutions

Fierce competition and rapid technological developments are posing a day-to-day challenge to the companies to stay ahead. They are faced with the dilemma of dividing their time, money and effort between Research & Development and their core business.

We are well past the days of outsourcing as the exclusive domain of call centres and big companies. Small and medium businesses, across a wide industry range, are enjoying the benefits of outsourcing.

Reduced costs and cheaper labor are no longer the main catalysts as now many of these engineering assignments are driving collaborative partnerships. As a result many companies are outsourcing their engineering services to retain their edge by strategizing accelerated time to market, value engineering and reverse engineering to enter new markets.

It is imperative to combine the best of western management methods with matching operational ethics to be in a win-win situation. There is a need to enlist the services of advisors to connect companies across geographical boundaries. With a lifetime of experience behind them, they can feel the nerve of the customers, understand their expectations and find the best possible solutions.

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