About Us


Businesses thrive on acquiring a competitive edge in the market by driving home reduced costs at the fastest turn around times, without compromising on quality. In doing so they have looked beyond their shores to take advantage of the increasing talent of the world’s rapidly increasing workforce that is educated, is tech savvy and offers cost effective solutions.

We understand the apprehensions in outsourcing, having ourselves come to India after 25 years of living and doing business in New Zealand & Australia. A consultancy project in India has provided us with the essential learning kerb to understand the Indian business practices first hand. Our proficiency to discern businesses that imbibe high performance standards as their core benchmarks has been the direct outcome of this experience.

With this combined overseas & India experience behind us, Bluocean Infiniti brings an unparalleled quality of liaison services by connecting Australian & New Zealand businesses to reliable associates in India with established credentials in International business.

We aim to bridge the cultural and communication gap that truly exists between the customer’s expectations in the western world and the Indian supplier’s understanding of the project deliverables, time frame management and need for constant communication to maintain harmony between teams working at both ends.

The process of selecting a supplier is based on our strict parameters of: Industry experience, established record of dealings on an International level, customer feedbacks, quality standards and strict adherence to Confidentiality of customer data.

Even after the project is discussed & assigned, we remain your single point of contact right upto the time the project is delivered.


Our Mission is to connect Australian and New Zealand businesses with the Vendors in India who follow the best business norms and complete transparency in the field of supply chain management offering Sourcing, Engineering and Technology solutions.


To help businesses achieve long term growth by connecting Australia & New Zealand businesses to Indian suppliers providing technology driven, efficient and cost effective solutions.