Technology Solutions

In this age of cutthroat competition, it is necessary for businesses to retain the competitive edge by deriving maximum sales through implementation and management of new technological applications.

Custom Applications

Develop custom applications that can provide benefits in terms of operational efficiency, enhanced time to market, reduce overall costs and increase business growth. Cadence is one such e-business management software for Automotive aftermarket business that brings together all sales, purchases, stocks, accounting, and delivery & dispatch all at one place.


A complete support tool for Auto parts information management and distribution. With all the information on vehicles and parts-the suppliers, distributors and automotive part retailers can get real time snapshots of part data information from dashboards at any time. It can auto synchronize with online catalogs and allows easy integration with ERP, company website and e-tailers.

Data Management

Providing your business with a ‘clean data’ that would immensely help catalog managers who find their data to be too small to justify software investment, as well as the sales teams who need assistance in onboarding & maintaining catalogs on e-tail platforms like ebay, Amazon etc.

Image processing

A tool to improve sales by providing good quality and accurate images that enhance the product appeal and sales conversion rates, all achieved at jaw dropping prices.