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Assigning an engineering project to an offshore company delivers efficiency, cost benefit and access to a global talent pool in practically all fields of Industrial engineering- be it automotive or agricultural or mining. Prototyping, value engineering or reverse engineering delivers a rewarding ROI without shifting your focus from your core business.
An extensive industry experience in sourcing and dealing with businesses in the Asian region sets us apart. We understand the expectations of a customer and there is no one who can translate it better than someone who has been there and done it. Knowledge of the local culture & language of both Pacific countries and Indian sub-continent really sets us apart. In creating a relationship with a different country, it is essential to have someone who will act as your eyes and ears on the ground to ensure successful delivery of the project.
It is a misconception that only big companies can benefit from outsourcing. Small & medium size companies have long enjoyed cost benefits and access to expert resources as a result of outsourcing.
Absolutely! There is no precondition like outsourcing ‘everything’. You can start off my outsourcing 1 or a couple of functions initially to establish comfort of relationship.
All communication- written as well as verbal, is in English. You can use any method of communicating- phone, emails or chat.
Bluocean Infiniti brings to you an end-to-end solution for your outsourcing needs. With our life-long experience in the field of international sourcing, we understand customer expectations as well as the perplexities involved in outsourcing. We act as a one-stop shop for your entire project management- right from the vendor selection to the project delivery. With our understanding of the local culture and knowledge, we act as a bridge between your business challenges and outsourcing solutions.